Tips For Flying W/ A Baby

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934A6386 (1) 934A6397 934A6370 (1) 934A6368 934A6412 934A6411 934A6419 934A6418 (1) 934A6466 934A6459 934A6305 (1) I get so many emails about this so I'd thought it'd be easier to do a post. We have flown on over 50 flights with Aniston so we've mastered the airport. I hope this posts helps to know what to expect if it's your first time!   What to expect with a stroller and carseat: You can either check your stroller and car seat down at baggage, free of charge. Or check it at the gate just before boarding. We have done both! If you have a layover or are going to the airport pretty early a stroller is nice to keep with you and check at the gate, and you can check your carseat at baggage! If you check both you'll want to have a front carrier to hold your baby in. If you are flying alone, I would suggest a front carrier. It's much easier going through security with a front carrier! What to expect with security: You'll need to have your baby's name on your boarding pass as a lap child. If they aren't on there you can't get through security. To add them to your ticket you'll need a birth certificate or shots. The thing they are looking for on there is the babies birth date mainly to make sure they aren't over 2 years old and can be a lap child. If you have a stroller they make you take your baby out and collapse the stroller. If you are by yourself people are usually really nice when they see you have a baby and will help especially the TSA workers. They will have you walk through the smaller metal detectors, not the big round one so just go straight to the small one and someone will help you. They will always do a hand swipe right after you walk through so be prepared for that. It doesn't take long. Food, formula, pump through security: Set all your liquids for baby out in a separate tray when you send it through security. Basically you can bring anything through security as long as it's for your baby. If you need a water bottle for formula you can bring it, milk, food pouches, juice.. they will just have to put it through a special test. They will ask you, "who is this for?" even if it's breastmilk and super obvious as you are holding your baby, but they have to ask by law so just smile and say the baby. haha.  If your breastmilk is frozen they don't need to check it. And if anything is under 3.4 ounces you are fine! And you can bring a breast pump!!   Checking stroller and/or carseat at the gate: Just make sure before you board you go up to the desk and get a tag. If your stroller has two parts, you'll need two. When on the plane: The biggest thing for me was to make sure Aniston's ears didn't hurt. The best trick is to feed them when you are going up. The sucking motion helps their ears, we've waited to feed Aniston until we are taking off and she's never had any problems. We always try to fly when it's nap time and bed time so Aniston just sleeps. They get to a certain age where the plane is just too fun and there's lots of distractions. If they aren't wanting to sleep give up for a little bit! The key is to not upset them and to keep them happy! So if they are wanting to play with the super fun pamphlets let them. Have new toys that will be fun for them to play with, have a video on your phone, binky, blanket, lot and lots of toys, snacks, drinks. The more the better! You can take them on a walk in the aisle. Obviously my goal is to never have a crying baby.. And somehow with how often we fly Aniston hasn't cried for longer than a few minutes. All babies are different though and if you DO have a screaming crying baby on a flight, don't beat yourself up! Most everyone in the cabin has either been in your shoes or someday they will. If they are rude that's their own problem and they have to live with being a terrible person.. haha. I have been on flights where their are babies that are really having a hard time and it's shocked me how rude people can be!! If that happens to you, seriously forget them! They are horrible and you have enough to worry about. Just take care of your baby and don't stress out. If you need hot water on the plane, the flight attendants can get it for you! DON'T USE THE WATER IN THE BATHROOMS. I can't remember what the deal is with it but it's not to drink. If you need to nurse, nurse! Don't feel weird about it. When Aniston was really little I would just start nursing right when we took off. How old was Aniston when we first took her on a plane? Aniston was three weeks. As long as you're ready to fly they will be fine! There's an old myth that if you fly when a baby is too small it's bad for their heart and can get heart murmurs. I was so so worried about this and asked my doctor as well as a few others and it's not true so no need to worry about that. The biggest thing to worry about is that you don't put them through discomfort with their ears   I hope this helps!! Have so much fun traveling and enjoy those sweet little babies!
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It’s A Blessing To Be A Mom

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^^haha the cutest puckered lips

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^^blowing..934A0515^^Kisses <3

Dress // Hat (similar, guy's but just get the size small!)

A's: romper  // shoes // necklace //blanket

I'm finally posting these pics. We have been so busy!! Being a mom is a full time job! Let alone working and traveling on top of it. Since I've been a mom I have had a whole new respect for all that mom's do. It is the greatest thing and I'm so lucky to be Aniston's mama.

This is short because it's late and I'm going to bed but this has been on my mind all week and I've felt like I needed to share it. (maybe it's something one of my followers need right now?) I came across an instagram this week and I don't know if it was because I'm just extra emotional this week about Aniston turning one or just bc this is just the sweetest instagram page but I was crying and crying as I learned about their story and little family. I hope @ckjohnson27 doesn't mind me sharing her page on here but she adopted a sweet little girl and shares her experience. If any of you are considering adoption she has a really great blog post HERE . I also came across a note from one of my talks that I gave in church last mother's day,

"All of us women here will have the blessing of being a mother,
Whether its bearing your own or adopting.
 The lesson's we've learned from our mothers are lessons we will be teaching our children."
I know this is a little random but it was just on my mind a lot this week for some reason and just felt like I should share:)
PS: These pics are from a day shopping around at The Grove, one of our favorite malls in LA. If you are planning a trip to CA this place has great shopping as well as 3rd st. Promenade in Santa Monica:)
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Must Have Baby Products

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There is only so much you can do to prepare to become a mom because experience is the best teacher! Since Aniston was born we have learned so much and I wanted to share a few of my favorite baby products that I consider must-have items if you're about to take on parenthood! Each baby is different, but these have been lifesavers for us and they are some of the best baby products you can find. Hope it's helpful to some of you:)

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Diaper Rash- HERE This is the best diaper rash cream. It's maximum strength and it takes it away almost immediately for me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.12.56 PMScreen Shot 2017-02-25 at 9.12.02 AM

Bottles- Favorite cheap ones HERE ($3.65) Favorite moderate priced HERE ($26 for two)

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Formula Single Serve- HERE  these are great for your diaper bag when you are out and about!

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Teething Necklace- HERE These are Baltic amber beads and when they are warmed up against baby's skin they soothe and relieve pain. I keep Aniston's on under her clothes all the time besides bedtime. I learned that the lighter the color the more relief it gives. I had no idea Aniston was even cutting teeth with these, she was her normal happy self.

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Nursing pads- HERE These are the BEST!! They are expensive for one pair of pads but 100% worth it. I used the single pair the whole time with Aniston. The best thing about them is you don't have to wear a bra to bed with these ones.

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Stretch Mark Cream- HERE I was so nervous about stretch marks and wanted the best stuff. This is the number one cream. I didn't get stretch marks with Aniston so I didn't use it and can't speak from experience but it was nice to have on hand incase I needed it and people that use it can't say enough great things about it.

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Diaper Scented Bags- HERE These are a must have in your diaper bag!! When Aniston has a blowout and messes her clothes we just put her clothes in these scented bags so it doesn't stink up the diaper bag and we can wash it at home.

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Mattress-  HERE I had no idea what to get when it came to a mattress.. I did a lot of research and this was the best one I found and it has really great reviews! You'll need a waterproof cover too! HERE

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Bath Tub- HERE I love how compact this is. It's simple and doesn't take up too much room.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 9.02.32 PM

High Chair- HERE This high chair is amazing! It doesn't take up a lot of space and it fits right up to the table so it's like Aniston is actually sitting eating with us.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.02.45 PM

Bumbo- HERE this helps them strengthen their back to sit up on their own. I would sit Aniston in this everyday and a week later she was sitting up. Also it's great for when you want them to be stationary somewhere and not worry about them rolling or anything. I'd sit Aniston it on the counter while I cook and while I got ready in the mornings. Make sure you strap them in!! Mine didn't have a tray but I wish it did so she could play with toys. I'd suggest getting this one with a tray!

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Our Love Story

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Happy Valentines Day!!

Sorry if people have already heard Trev and I's love story and if you have just skip this post :) It's V-day so I just get extra lovey dovey this month and share this stuff!

I used to cut this guy's hair, (Brian) he was a friend from my hometown and used to date my sister Mo. (He was the kid that every girl reading Twilight pictured Edward as, just so you can get a visual and  he's super loud) He kept telling me about his roommate that I needed to go out with and how we'd literally be perfect together. For some reason I just thought this guy is a nerd and I don't want to go on a blind date. Every few weeks I got to hear Brian's speel about how I should go on a date with this kid..

I lived in Provo at the time, it's a big college town and for church a ton of us went to church on campus. There were tons and tons of kids that went at all different times, so anyways I was just getting done at church and talking with friends and what are the odds, here comes Brian and this kid Trevor coming up the stairs. I thought 'oh no I REALLY don't want to meet this kid, how do I avoid this and make it so they can't see me.' There were tons of people around so I turned so my backside was towards them, slouched down, didn't make eye contact and started to be super invested and busy in what my friends were saying.. Brian being the person he is, see's me and yells across all the people "Steph" as loud as he can. It's not like I could have denied hearing it bc everyone heard it. I see Brian dragging Trev towards me and I smile nicely,  and look away but here comes Brian forcing Trev to come say hi. We say hi, and Brian talks about how we should all go on a double date sometime as if the great idea just came to him and we parted ways. Super short and that's all I really remember. (This was in January)

So Trev calls me a few days later and we plan a date.. long story short "I got really sick" or something and couldn't go. We plan a second date.. bailed again and the third time Brian planned the date, it was a double date, he was going to take my little sister Sam out (which was super weird bc he dated my other sister Mo but I was encouraging it bc I didn't want to go alone on a date with Trev)  This is probably March by now. Day of the date comes and Sam and I were driving in the car and I was telling Sam how much I was dreading tonight and she was too bc she taught it was weird to go with Brian. Sam was also hanging out with a kid that she really liked (who is now her husband) and didn't want to go bc of that.  I was like that's it we're not going!  Soo.. long story short I get over how embarrassing it is to bail a third time and I call Trev. He's in the library and everyone knows there's super bad connection in there, I get it across that I can't make it tonight or maybe I blamed it on Sam that she couldn't make it and Trev says oh don't worry and then the call dropped. I am literally the worst!! I thought wow perfect timing for the call to drop. Trev called me right back and I didn't answer. LITERALLY I was the worst!! I wasn't always like this btw, I just for some reason really didn't want to go out with this kid and I had just decided that I was done with guys for a minute and wanted to just do my thing for awhile and be single.

Months go by.. I went on a date to a BYU soccer game and Trev is on the field playing (number 23). Everyone in the stands in talking about how fast number 23 is and how good. Trev actually looked pretty hot out there and I thought hmm maybe I should have went on a date.

Months go by this is August now and Brian calls my sister Mo and tells her how I need to go out on just one date with Trevor and then he'd stop bugging me. (Brian's a lawyer and is very good at getting what he wants) So I agree to going on this date. The day comes and I'm in bed watching Friday Night Lights. I had just gotten a surgery done a few days ago and of course it slipped my mind of how good of an excuse it could be to use that. But I thought if I just go and get it over with, everyone will stop bugging me about it. 15 minutes until he comes and pics me up and I'm still laying in my pj's there's 12 minutes left in the FNL episode so I could still finish it and have 3 minutes to get ready. I threw clothes on and didn't get ready at all.

Trev picks me up and by the time we're to the end of the street I was wishing I got ready. Trev was dressed super well. I had no idea he had such good style and he was so fun and easy to talk to. Our first date was the best first date and I didn't want it to end. We went to dinner, went on a Sundance moonlight chairlift ride, went and got a treat and then talked for litterally hours. He was super intriguing and so easy to talk to and super funny and fun. When he dropped me off he asked me if he could take me on another date tomorrow night. I knew if we went on another date with him I probably wouldn't want to go on another date with anyone else for awhile and I didn't know if I was ready for that. I remember going to bed that night and thinking this is a guy I'd want to marry if it all works out.

A week went by and we spent every free moment we had together. We were inseparable. Our friends probably thought we died. I knew by the 3 date that I would probably marry Trev.

This is something I wrote in my journal after the first week, " I never thought i'd be able to relate with people that say when its right its right and when you know you know. I've always thought with the way I think I'd never know for sure, even on my wedding day there would still be the thought if this was the right choice but I can't believe how strong I feel for this guy! He is honestly the neatest person I've ever met. There's so much to him and so many things I love about him. I know it's only been a week of knowing him and there's a lot more we need to know about eachother but I just feel so blessed to have met him let alone be dating him." So fun to look back and read my journal entries about this. So glad I have them to look back on.

From our first date we got married less than 5 months later. So crazy! We spent one day apart over Thanksgiving since our first date and we are still pretty inseparable. I don't know how I lucked out with Trev and I'm still amazed at what an incredible person he is. I want to be more like him everyday.

Brian and Mo ended up getting married so that annoying guy is my brother in law and one of our best friends :)

I hope everyone can experience sometime in their life a love like we have. Our marriage is the happiest part of life and I still just can't believe I get to be with Trev forever.