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2017 Bag Trends

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I love what a great bag can do to your everyday look! This year there are some super fun purse trends so here they are!

Drawstring Bag
This has been a crazy popular style on the runway this year. We saw a ton of it in New York and again in Paris during fashion week!
The Bracelet Bag
This may be a newer style for some people but it's very in right now. A lot of higher end designers are doing them so usually they are going to be a higher price point.

Straw Bag
This Spring/Summer straw bags are back but with a little bit more detail! I love the fun colors and textures on the classic look.
Statement Clutch
During spring summer you see more smaller handbags. The more color and texture and accents the better! I love that just by adding one of these to your look that it instantly makes it pop and get a second look.

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Khongboon Swim

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^^isn't this back amazing!!! It's less bum coverage than what I'm use to but I love it!934A7098 934A7091 934A6956 934A6954

Swimmie //Hair Extensions // A's swimmie //A's Bow

Some pics from our trip last week.. It feels like forever ago! I don't know why but this week feels like it's going by so slow! I'm just wanting it to be the weekend already!

Life update:  This week we took Aniston to the little gym for the first time. She learned how to do a summersault and wants to do them all the time now. She loves copying everything Trev and I say, her favorites are beep beep (like a horn) and e-i-o (from old mcdonald) Trev and I are addicted to Gilmore Girls.. We stay up all night watching it and are on season 5. Our business is keeping up busy! Very busy! We had a meet up in Utah with our reps last week and it was so much fun! They are all so amazing and inspiring and remind Trev and I why we work so hard. I still haven't planted flowers in our backyard.. maybe this weekend if it's sunny (crossing my fingers) The plants I planted last year in the front sprouted up and I never knew how exciting plants could be.. ha. I'm trying to think what else.. I'm working of swim designs and shoes for next year!! Trying to finalize some prints and it's so hard!!! I seriously just keep adding styles so I can use all the prints I like haha so get ready for a ton of swim!

We go to Atlanta in a few weeks for Pinners! I can't wait to meet some of you there!

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All About Hair Extensions

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Swim // Tee (sold out) // Sunnies // HAIR EXTENSIONS

Okay guys! I'm talking all about my hair extensions today and my experience with them. So first of all I LOVE hair extensions. My natural hair is pretty long but  it's crazy what an extra few inches and thickness can do for you. I feel way more confident when I have hair extensions:)
Clip ins!
For years and years I used clip in hair extensions.. loved them! They didn't take very long, I'd say probably 5 mins to put them in but after years of putting them in I'd get a bit tired of it and at the end of each day I just wanted them out!!
Tape In's!!
This is what I really want to touch on because I recently tried tape ins (first time ever with something more permanent so I was nervous I wouldn't like them) and I just LOVE them more than anything!! They changed my life! Before I got them my biggest worry was that I'd get irritated by them and want them out at night. I also was worried about the up keep and having to move them up, things like that.. And expense!! You guys I am so cheap when it comes to this stuff.. you'd be shocked!
There are things you should spend money on and things you shouldn't and I'm a firm believer now that tape ins are one of those things that you spend the money on!!
Why they are so incredibly amazing.. basically I can't tell you in a post but!
1.  The biggest for me is when you touch my head you have no idea I have extensions in. My clip ins were soo bulky compared to these.
2. I can't tell I'm wearing them at all, I can't feel them. My clip in's would pull on my head a little bit throughout the day and sometimes painful.
3. I thought I'd want to take them out at night and I'm perfectly fine at night
4. I thought I'd feel like I couldn't brush my hair.. It's totally fine brushing my hair, I don't bush hard on my scalp and it's fine
5. Putting your hair up: for the most part all the tape ins are hidden. If there is a little bit of one showing I just adjust my hair over it before tying it up.
1. Really the only con for me and it's totally not a big deal, is when I wash my hair you can't use conditioner on your scalp, you just put it on your ends.
How to get them!
I buy my hair from Honey Hair Extensions they are the cheapest that I've found at the highest quality of hair that you can get. You can buy them and bring them to your stylist, I use two packs! You can also buy them if you are a stylist! And as for putting them in, I go to @hairbykami in Orem, UT I go to her for my color too, she's amazing!