Tips For Flying W/ A Baby

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I get so many emails about this so I’d thought it’d be easier to do a post. We have flown on over 50 flights with Aniston so we’ve mastered the airport. I hope this posts helps to know what to expect if it’s your first time!   What to expect with a stroller and carseat: […]

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It’s A Blessing To Be A Mom

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^^haha the cutest puckered lips ^^blowing..^^Kisses <3 Dress // Hat (similar, guy’s but just get the size small!) A’s: romper  // shoes // necklace //blanket I’m finally posting these pics. We have been so busy!! Being a mom is a full time job! Let alone working and traveling on top of it. Since I’ve been a […]

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Must Have Baby Products

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      There is only so much you can do to prepare to become a mom because experience is the best teacher! Since Aniston was born we have learned so much and I wanted to share a few of my favorite baby products that I consider must-have items if you’re about to take on parenthood! Each […]

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Our Love Story

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Happy Valentines Day!! Sorry if people have already heard Trev and I’s love story and if you have just skip this post It’s V-day so I just get extra lovey dovey this month and share this stuff! I used to cut this guy’s hair, (Brian) he was a friend from my hometown and used to […]