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Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mothers out there. What an amazing day mothers day is! I wanted to share some things about the women in my life and what I love about being a mother.

My mom-
My mom always amazes me by her strength. She gave us a happy home and a happy life. She always made me know that she will love me no matter what. That her love is an unconditional one and I would never be able to do anything for her to not love me.
My mom was a single mom for most of my life. She worked hard and taught me to be strong. She sacrificed so much for us girls. She taught me so much by her example but also by her words. I remember my mom teaching me so much about how to have a good marriage and be a good wife and a happy home by the words she shared often.

Some things my mom taught me!
-To love and live the gospel & that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me.
-To be kind.
-Work hard!
-To be humble
-Make dinner (I do remember my mom burning soo many meals but she still taught us to cook well!)
-Get ready for your husband & your husbands needs come before your kids.
-That sometimes we go through hard things just so we'll know what it feels like so we can help a kid or friend one day. (I remember crying on the ground in my room just completely heartbroken over a hard decision I had to make, I just felt like when am I going to be okay? and wondering why I had to feel these things and go through this. My mom came in and  sat on the ground next to me and said that to me and it gave me a perspective I wasn't able to see on my own.)
-To smile
-To be modest
-To be strong
-To live within my means
-To be a friend to someone that is alone
-And to be a loving mom :)

Growing up I had a fear of disappointing my mom and that kept me on a good path. She trusted me. She taught me well and built me up and then let me make my own decisions and live and learn things on my own. She stepped in to guide me when needed but it was the perfect balance of giving me my freedom and also being my mom and guiding me with love. I'm lds, (also known as mormon) and I remember one day when I was about 8 my mom coming and talking to me by the fence in the front yard. I remember her asking me if I liked going to church. She told me that if ever I didn't want to go, that it was my decision and she wouldn't make me.

What amazes me the most about my mom is she  taught us most importantly to be like Jesus Christ in everything we do. As a convert to our church, she went to church every Sunday by herself with three little crazy girls and served faithfully in her callings. She never stopped believing in what she knew even if it was hard. I never realized all that she did when I was younger but now that I'm older and look back I realize all she sacrificed for me. The church is the biggest and happiest part of my life and I love my mom for providing that for me.

My Mother In Law-

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  I don't like mother "in law" bc she is "mom" to me but you get it, she's Trev's mom. She teaches me to live for your children. That you gain so much by serving them, uplifting them, supporting them and unconditionally loving them. To serve others. To live a simple life. To live close to the spirit and rely on Christ. To have a clean home. And a stacked pantry with the best treats.

My Grandma Bonnie-

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  Taught me that you always take  care of your family, you get married once, how to be a good hostess and to spoil your grandchildren and give them everything. I wouldn't be where I am now without my grandma providing me with the opportunities she did.

My Grandma Sharon-
IMG_5199 My grandma Sharon is the definition of a nurturer. She has so much love to give. She listens, she knows when somethings wrong and even if you don't want to tell her she gets it out of you and makes you feel like everything will be okay, she always has her door open, always accepting of you, and she makes the yummiest dinners.

What I love about being Aniston's mom-


Aniston has taught me that I can learn from a baby. She's a year old and already she has taught me so much. I remember the first time I held that beautiful girl. My life felt complete. She is my world, she makes life worth living and makes me so happy (so does her dad)

So much joy comes through seeing her happy. I love seeing her do things she likes to do. She loves to dance and sing songs especially. She loves when we play and I chase her around the house and tickle her before bath time. She is a joy and a light in our home.
My main desire in this life is to be a mom. I always hope I can lead Aniston in paths that will be successful for her and bring her the most joy in her life. I hope she always knows how much her loves and adores her.

My mom loves this talk if you guys have time to listen it's a great one:) HERE