6 Months Pregnant

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^^6 months! Love feeling this little babe move all around.

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Aniston’s: Sweater//Leggings // Shoes // Bow

Aniston’s shoes were $7!! You have to be careful on this site.. everything is straight from China, I always make sure the product I get has lots of orders and lots of reviews but I love this site for baby shoes because Aniston grows out of shoes so fast and she can get these ones dirty and ruined and it’s no big deal. ONE THING TO NOTE!!! I’ve gotten things 2 weeks later and some it will take 2 months! So make sure you order large sizes that they can grow into!

The bow shop I tagged is my favorite bow shop! Great quality, super fast shipping and I love their prints and fabrics.

A life update:

This pregnancy has gone by so fast! It’s crazy how with our second I forget how many week I even am. We’ve been so busy so maybe that is part of it too. We’ve been traveling like crazy lately. This was our first full week home in a long time. The last month we’ve been home maybe 2 days out of the week. It’s been a little stressful keeping up the business while we’re gone but Trev’s been doing good with it and we have a killer team to keep the rest afloat. We always make sure we are home for church on Sundays and they are my favorite days.

I’ve been enjoying my days with Aniston. On our days home we go to the park or the coconut cove (indoor play place) I go into the office about three days a week for 2 hours while Aniston naps and it’s been good to be able to go down there and get stuff done. Aniston is so lively as always. She talks and sings. She’s been singing “I’m a Child of God” at nights with us when we put her to bed and it’s the sweetest thing. Yesterday we were in the grocery store and Aniston saw the big soda towers that they make out of the soda boxes and she said “oh my gosh” haha. I don’t know how she learned that one!!

I’ve been obsessed with my insta pot!! I make dinner every night and it only takes me 30 mins!! Sometimes even 15. LOVE LOVE LOVE that thing. I always love cooking for Trev and when life is busy I thank the high heavens for my instant pot that allows me to have dinner put together and ready so fast. All you mom’s that cook if you don’t have one put it on your Christmas list!!


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  1. trina linford says:

    Congratulations Stevie! You look amazing!

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