8 Months Pregnant

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I can’t believe baby number two is almost here!! I’m nesting like every other day now. The house has to be clean at all times.. Aniston is in the mode where she wants to pull every toy she owns out so I just clean up all day long haha. I’m so excited for this sweet babe to come.

This baby is already so different from Aniston. Aniston kicked so hard and so much I swore I had at least 5 broken ribs, she was so so active and strong. She came three days early and I was in labor for about 4 hours. This baby is soft and gentle. Not a ton of kicking just rolling and soft movements. I’m hoping she’ll still come early and fast though:)

Aniston update: at 20 months. I love being a mom to Aniston. She brings so much joy to my days. She makes me laugh so much! She is super into saying “bye, happy holidays” she is super clingy right now, I think she knows the new baby is coming. She LOVES all things Christmas. She sings Jingle Bells, We wish you a Merry Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, Silent Night and the new favorite is Angels We have Heard on High and its so funny to hear her do the Gloria part. She is sleeping in her “princess bed” now, (toddler bed) She’s still taking naps in her crib though, we need to work on that one.. She loves nursery and her nursery leaders. She really doesn’t like changing her diaper sometimes.. I feel like I have to wrestle her down sometimes holy cow but more motivation to potty train.

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