A’s First Snow Day

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I have been wanting it to snow soo bad!! Trev woke me up and said “Steph there’s snow on the ground!” I was a little kid at Christmas! I was so excited. Aniston was just as excited! I went in her room and she was laying down barely awake and I said “Aniston it’s snowing outside” She got all wide eyed and jumped up haha. She was wide awake. I was going to go get her a snow suit but she wanted so badly to make a snowball first thing so we bundled up and went and played before we even had breakfast. (nothing usually ever gets in the way of me eating first thing in the morning)

Aniston was in heaven making snowballs, we had so much fun. There’s nothing better than seeing your babies experience things for the first time. I just love Aniston’s excitement for life!

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