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We’re in CA this week escaping the cold.  A lot of you saw my snap story and asked if we’d share our favorite places to shop in LA. We spend a ton of time in LA, (we feel like we basically live here) so we have tons and tons of little strips we like to shop and eat but I’ll just share some of my top favorites.


The Grove– This is a really fun place especially around christmas. My top favorite stores there, pottery barn kids, topshop, zara, nordstrom. We like to eat at cheesecake factory there or the Nordstrom’s Restaurant.

Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade – This place is our favorite. They have tons of shops and its walking distance to the pier, we love it!

Shopping on Melrose  – We love this strip and we actually love staying in this area too. It’s the heart of la for me. I feel like I’m living like a local in this area. The shops can be a little higher end. and we usually always eat at Urth Caffe which I tagged below.



Public School (We always go to this place when we’re near downtown LA. I think it’s known for being a cool bar but Trev and I don’t drink and it’s still a really great place. The fries for an appetizer is super good.. the causes they bring out with the fries is the best partDenver, Vegas, Dallas.. .

Barrel and Ashes (This is our favorite place in one of our favorite pockets of LA . It’s in Studio City. Studio City is known for their restaurants and we’ve tried a lot of restaurants there, they are all so tasty but this is hands down our favorite. I’m not a big barbecue fan but this place is amazing. Get the brisket, I get it every time )

Barton G. (all the dishes here are super elaborate!! LIKE CRAZY and you won’t ever find anything else like it. They have this cotton candy dessert that is Marie Antoinette’s head and it could feed a small village. It’s a super fun atmosphere. It’s a place that you have to try once. It’s pretty pricey and we saw a lot of people just go for the dessert so if you want to go but don’t want to spend a ton just go for dessert! And you literally can share one! They are huge!)

Urth Cafe (Don’t be scared away by the lack of seating or line. This place is super good and we love the Melrose location to eat and shop.)


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