Day One With Him

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I love this time of year and looking back at when I first met Trev. 4 years ago we went on our first date. I always wondered what it would be like when you find the person you wanted to marry and how you’d know. I had no idea it would be like this. I had no idea this kind of love existed.

I didn’t want to go out with Trev at all. A friend (who is now our brother in law) kept trying to set us up. We had at least 4 dates planned over the course of 7 months and I kept bailing on Trev. I finally went out with him just to get it over with and so my sis would stop bugging me about it and making me feel guilty.

I almost bailed again the day of but thought I’ve done that so many times I’ll just go. He texted me that he’d be a few minutes late, (his soccer practice went late, he played for byu) I hadn’t gotten ready yet and thought that’s fine if he’s late, it’s more time I can watch Friday Night Lights. 3 mins before he got there I threw clothes on and threw a brush threw my hair. I basically didn’t get ready for the date at all!!

I got to the door and was surprised how well he was dressed. I didn’t expect it. He was wearing my favorite male cologne that I was going to force whatever guy I would marry to wear and he had a really nice haircut. He opened my door and was a perfect gentleman.

By the time we got down the street I was thinking crap.. I should have got ready!! The conversation the whole night was so easy and so comfortable and so good! I thought this is the best first date. We went to happy sumo for dinner, drove up to sundance and road the moonlight chairlift ride (it was my favorite thing to do). He was doing everything right! We talked about everything, he asked lots of questions and was so fun to be with. He was taking me home and I was so bummed the date was over. He drove past my house and I didn’t know if he was lost or had something else up his sleeve. He said I don’t want to take you home yet and I just about died. I didn’t want to go home. haha. We went and got dessert and talked until probably 2am that night.

I remember thinking as we were talking that I really liked this guy. It surprised me how much I liked him bc I didn’t want to like him and didn’t want to date anyone for awhile. I had so many bad dates that I wanted a break for awhile. But so far he was perfect and I really hoped it stayed that way. I didn’t know what to expect but I hope he wanted to take me out again.

When he dropped me off he said what if I want to see you tomorrow? I was thinking YES!! haha but something inside me was so scared. I knew if I went out with him again we’d probably date and things could go somewhere. I said sure and that was it.

We saw each other everyday since. A week in I knew I had to marry this guy and I didn’t know what was to come but I just knew this was it. There isn’t anyone better than this. I remember thinking I just hope he chooses me.

I had been “in love” before but it was nothing at all like this. I thought how is it possible to love someone this much. I believe there’s more than just one person out there that you can marry and be happy with. But Trev was the one I was suppose to marry. He’s the only one that can give me a love like this and a life that is happier than I could ever imagine.

Less than 5 months later we were married forever:)

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