Happy New Year

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Wishing you all a new year!

I love the start of a new year. Trev and I love looking back and recapping all that has happened. This year has been by far our busiest. Filled with love, hard work, adventures.. and most importantly our sweet Aniston came to our family. I’m excited to set new goals and work to be better.

The two biggest things I’ve learned from this last year.

Kids bring great blessings. I didn’t know I could love as much as I love my little Aniston. She is what makes life worth it. And Trev too of course. I also didn’t know I could love Trev anymore but the day Aniston came I fell in love with Trev all over again.

Work hard!! With hard work comes much successI hope I’m always a hard worker but boy I hope I never work as hard as I did this year. haha maybe that not a good thing. I feel like Trev and I’s business went from a small business to a big company this year and we (as well as our amazing team) have worked so hard!! It’s so important that whatever we decide to do that we give it our all and kick some butt! Whatever you do, do it good and you will be blessed.

Do all that you can do and for the stuff you can’t do, forget about it. Trev had to help me with this one this year. I felt like being a mom took so much time and I didn’t have as much time as I was used to, to do all that I did before our baby was born. AND THAT’S OKAY! As long as I tried everything that I could that’s good enough and if all I did was nurse Aniston one day, that’s good enough. My most important roll is being a mom and as long as I was a good mom to Aniston I accomplished what I needed to that day.

This is super short and there’s much more I learned but I’ll share it another time!

Happy goal setting time!!


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