New Years Resolutions

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^^I had to put all these pics in.. Aniston was FREAKING out at all the pigeons. Trev and I were crying laughing


Duffle // Hotel

Top  // Shoes (mine are last season’s HERE is the current ones) // Lip– in candy yum yum

A’s Outfit: Bow //Sweater // Pants // Mocs

HOTEL REVIEW: This was a last minute hotel and it was great for the price! The breakfast was great! Service was great! Big clean rooms. With a crib, a big room is always so great! It also had a bath which I’m always so shocked by how many hotels don’t have baths! Aniston loves her tub time so that was another great surprise when we got there. The location is walking distance to one of our favorite restaurants, Public School. (I tagged it in my last post so see that for details!)

I always look forward to a fresh start each January, especially as I am having holiday vacation withdrawals. Trevor and I have loved looking back on this past year and all the adventures it brought us, and then setting goals to make 2017 even better! 

Trev and I sit down at the start of each year and write down personal goals, business/work goals, family goals, and then list steps and ways to achieve them. I live by a planner and so I like to write down a little reminder in my daily calendar and map out check points. every 3 months I like to review where I’m at on my goals.

Some of my goals this year!!

I would say one of my goals is to have another baby but I can’t get Trev on board just yet haha.

Health & Fitness

Work out more. Duh this is everyone’s right? haha. I’m just starting with twice a week and if I can do it more, great! But two days a week is more realistic for me to actually achieve it. (I write down the days in my planner so that I actually remember to do it.)

Cut back on sugarI am a huge huge sugar person!! I feel more energized when I eat less sugar so I’m trying to do no sugar throughout the week and my cheat days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 


Personal Motto. This year I really just want to better myself all around. I have a motto that I came up with for the year and it’s just kind of a daily reminder to be kind. It’s, “Be a Loving and Sweet wife. Be a Kind and Compassionate mom. Forget yourself and think of others.” I typed this up and have it saved as my background on my phone so that I’ll remember it daily.

Serve othersThis is something I hope I am always doing and in my busy everyday life I need a daily reminder. I took one thing from light the world that was the easiest for me to do:) And wrote it in my planner for each day.

Business Goals

This is a big one for Trev and I and I won’t share in depth but we like to set a yearly goal and break it down to a daily measurable goal so that we have a daily reminder to what we’re working towards. I know not everyone works so this could be how much you want to save or a specific thing you want to purchase. I love having goals like this with my spouse.

Family Goals

FHE. We like to have what we call family home evenings and every monday night we do something special together as a family. We are usually always together as a family but it’s nice to set a time aside to acknowledge the importance of being together, sharing a spiritual thought and learning something new, playing a fun game, making a treat, whatever it may be..

If you’re needing some help already with your resolutions or goals, you’re not alone! Here are a few things I like to do to stick to my goals each year. 

Write them down! I know that’s the first everyone says, but that’s because so few actually do it! It makes you 10 times more likely to achieve your goal when you have written it down! Once you have your list, look at it often. Post it somewhere that you’ll look at it often, and move it every once in a while to refresh your memory. 

Tell others about your goals, so they can help you stay on track.

Keep your goals measurable. It sounds simple, but specifying dates, benchmarks, etc. will help you to meet your goals!

Be sure your goals are realistic! Pace yourself. And when you miss a day, pick back up where you left off! You’re not working toward perfection, you’re working toward a better, happier you!

Here’s to 2017!

Xx, Stevie

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  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Stevie!

    I actually have a question about the new spring dress u emailed about. I absolutely love it and want to buy one but I was wondering if you knew the measurements. I’d like it to hit my knee, but I’m 5’7″ so I’m assuming it s probably too short for me. Thank u!

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