Thread Wallets

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Thread Wallets

I wanted to give a shout out to some friends who sell one of my favorite products, Thread Wallets! They are slim card holders in all sorts of prints and patterns. I could rave all day long about these because they’re fun and conventional and such a great deal!

Thread Wallets

I keep one of their original, elastic wallets on my keychain to carry all of my main cards that I use often. I keep another original wallet for gift cards and other things I don’t use on the daily in my purse or diaper bag so I can get to it easily but I am not always carrying around a bulky wallet. One reason I love Thread Wallets is that I can clean them easily with an old toothbrush and some soap and they will last forever! I have had mine for years and they haven’t stretched out or fallen apart.
Thread Wallets also just released their new line of phone case wallets and guys, I am in love! Honestly, I never thought I would be the type of person to carry it all in one, but I was testing it out a few months ago and now I can’t go back. It is super durable and so convenient.
When I want to personalize a gift, I also love to slip a gift card inside an original wallet so there is a little more to what I’m giving. Father’s Day is right around the corner if you’re in need of a gift idea :)
Xx, Stevie

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    You are too good to us!

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